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iCitizenship - Australia V1.2

Take the Australian Citizenship Test on your iPhone/iPod Touch

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The Australian government announced that all citizenship applicants need to take a new revised citizenship test from 19 October 2009 on. In this app, we have carefully prepared about two hundred test questions to help you to get familiar with the new test content. All the questions are based on the latest test resource book, "Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond". By using this app, you can study and take practice test anywhere and any time you like, for example, when waiting for a bus or riding on a train. This will greatly speed up your progress in preparing for the citizenship test.

This app is the FIRST and so far the ONLY app available to assist you in preparing for the new Australian citizenship test. All questions have been carefully selected by citizenship experts and they are covering all the three testable sections of the test book. The app provides valuable practice questions for people in all states and territories of Australia, including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Remember, you must have enough practice before sitting your Australian Citizenship Test.

There are two modes of this app: the Study Mode and the Test Mode. The Study Mode saves your time in memorizing all the content of the test. The questions are grouped by category so that it is easy to learn and understand. The Test Mode lets you take practice tests and evaluate your proficiency in the test content. After each test, a report shows the time you spent and the scores you got. You can choose the number of questions in a test. You should take enough practice before you go for the actual test.

Highlights of Benefits and Features:

Study or take a test on your iPhone any time and anywhere you like;
Track the exam time like the actual test;
Obtain advices after each test;
Display questions with wrong answers only;
Hint during a practice test;
Pick the number of the questions in a test;
Never run into the same test twice because questions and answers are shuffled randomly;
Choose the categories of content for self-learning;
Get familiar with the multiple-choice format of the test;

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Practice Test

The "Test" tab allows you to have practice tests and review your answers. When you first enter this tab, you can see four buttons, some of which are dimmed at the beginning:

1. Tap on the "Start New Test" button to start a new practice test.
2. After you completed a test, you can tap the button "Redo the Test" to answer all the questions again.
3. Tap the button "Review All Questions" to review a finished test.
4. If you only want to review wrong answers, you can tap the "Review Wrong Answers" button.

During a test, you answer a question by tapping on one of the choices. When you reach the last question, a report shows your scores and the time you spent on the test. In the actual test, you have 45 minutes to answer 20 questions. The app tracks your exam time based on this criteria. When you are working on a question, you can press the light bulb button to view the correct answer of a question. Press the menu button any time to go back to the main test menu.

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Self Study

The "Study" tab provides self-learning functions. You first choose a category of content to study. Then you can go through all the questions of this category. You can move to the previous/next question by using the arrow buttons, or more conveniently, just swiping the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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You can set the number of questions of a test in the "Settings" tab. The test time is automatically adjusted based on this number.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this iPhone app, please feel free to contact us by email: .

Click to get iCitizenship - Australia Now!

Click to get iCitizenship - Australia Now!

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Other Info

An online version of the "Australian Citizenship Test" will be available soon. Please check back later.


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